Pentol Spesial

Pentol is a term for a type of meatball which has less meat than meatballs. The Kedai Berkah Pentol is definitely different from the others because of the rich-flavored sauce. There is a spicy taste that is just right, sweet, savory and has spices, so what's more, eating with rice is more filling.

Thai Tea

Thai Tea is a variant of tea that comes from the land of white elephants Thailand which is now worldwide and has even become a lot the fans. In general, Thai Tea is from Thai tea, sugar, milk and creamer. Thai tea at Kedai Berkah, cheap, luxurious taste.‚Äč

Lemon Yakult

Who doesn't know yakult? Yakult is a probiotic drink similar to yogurt made by fermenting kim milk and sugar with Lactobacillus casei bacteria. Lactobacillus casei can be found in the human digestive system. Well, Kedai Berkah has drinks that facilitate digestion and are delicious

Suki Kampung

Suki kampung is basically sukiyaki or what is better known with the name suki is a typical Japanese food which is quite popular in Indonesia Indonesia. The taste of Suki Kampung Kedai Berkah is different from suki in general because it has a cikur, spicy, sweet, savory and sour taste from the lime.

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